Wood Chip Capabilities

American Wood Resources, LLC is a leading supplier of quality wood chips for many industries. We supply clean hardwood and softwood chips for the production of paper, MDF and HDF chips for the fiber industry, as well as dirty chips for use in biomass applications.

AWR delivers around the world

Chips for Domestic Use and Export

We are working with customers around the world, including Europe, Japan, China and Korea. We deal in small, medium and high volume deliveries to most ports throughout the Southeastern United States. We also work with a few ports on the west coast.

Bulk Delivery

Bulk Delivery

Our preferred method of delivery to a port, or end-user, is in bulk. We work with a number of ports which have capacities of moving more than 100,000 GMT per month.

Chips in containers

Container Shipments

For smaller volumes, and/or deliveries to ports which do not have bulk capabilities, we can also supply your needs in containers, ready for loading onto the ship.

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"AWR provides the largest coordinated network of wood and wood fibre suppliers in the Southeastern US"